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Chemistry Magic, Faraday Style

Every year (for the past umpteen years) Wright State University's chemistry department puts on a chemistry magic show. They do this in December (near Christmas) and in March. I like to sign up for a date in December for my chemistry students to go to it, since it's in keeping with Michael Faraday's Christmas Lectures. Today was the day when I took the kids off to watch. And, as always, Dr. Fortman and Dr. Battino did a great job educating and entertaining the kids (and adults) in the audience. They have one and a half hours of chemistry demonstrations - and they do it five days a week! Amazing, really.

At the end of the show, however, Dr. Fortman made an announcement about there being an "academic chemistry grandchild" in the audience. I immediately buried my head in Mary Jo's shoulder. (Mary Jo is the HS secretary and, due to her daughter being in my chemistry class, I asked her to be the chaperon for the trip.) Sure enough, Dr. Fortman started talking about the first graduating class from WSU (there were 7 who graduated from the Chemistry department). And that one of those grads had a daughter who later graduated from the chemistry department, who is now a teacher in the audience. "Trina, would you please stand up?" Folks applauded and my students all cheered. I turned red, but since Mary Jo and I were seated in front of my students, they couldn't see that. :-)

Last year when I took my juniors (and seniors that year) to see the show, one decided to show off his butt to the people behind him. I, thankfully, didn't witness this, but one of the chaperons (and a number of my students) did. Apparently, he did the same at lunch. So I had to deal with that when I got back (and thankfully, had the support of the superintendent, to deal with the discipline). This year, thankfully, nothing untoward happened. We all enjoyed the show, then went out to eat across the street from the campus.

My goal for tomorrow was to return to the WSU area for my usual comic store visit & shopping spree. And first I would go to south Dayton for Indian Fud. But while we were across the street from WSU today, I saw there is now an Indian Restaurant north of Dayton!!!! Whoopee! So rather than drive out of my way for Indian Fud, it can be a part of my usual trip. I'm trying to talk mom into joining me for Indian Fud and shopping tomorrow. Guess I'll find out tomorrow if she's willing or not. And I'll find out if the food is good at this new place. I hope so!
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