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Holiday Story Challenge!

I was talking with warinbabylon on IRC last night about Christmas stories & fan fiction and I admitted that I've got an itching to write a 7th Doctor/Ace Christmas story. (I wrote a Doc7/Mel Christmas story a few years ago called Miracle on 23rd Street - it's got the sort of Christmas schmaltz that I enjoy. But now I wanna write one with Ace in it.) She then suggested that I post a fiction challenge on LJ about it. Thinking, perhaps, that it will cause me to write said story. Well, I don't know about that, but here's the challenge:

Write a holiday-based fan fiction from one of your favorite fandoms (or least favorite fandoms if you'd rather). You pick the holiday, the length, the characters, etc. But it must be done by January 1st. Post it in your LJ when you're done. Give it a try - you know you want to!

So, um, prizes? Well, perhaps your reward will be the joy of knowing that you've written a holiday fan fiction piece... ;-)

PS: Pass the challenge along, if you want!

PPS: Amy, if you're reading this, I wanna see a Holiday V fan fiction with Willy's Magic Bathrobe making a return visit! :-)
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