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ChicagoTARDIS Day One

Today was a wonderful day. It's late at night and I'm working on my second amaretto sour of the evening, so I don't know how much I'll actually talk about tonight. But first, a photo of Paul McGann!

McGann, da Man!
McGann da Man!

judiang treated me to Room Service Breakfast today - a luxury neither of us has had before. Thank you Judi! I had French toast (which wasn't as good, actually, as the stuff from the cafe that we went to the day before) and ham and a glass of milk. It was a fun experience - and no dishes to wash, either!

I attempted to get online downstairs without success (their DHCP server was kaput, so I received no IP address and couldn't go anywhere online). After I gave up, we both went to get our badges for the convention. (Badges? We don't need no steenkin... Nevermind!) It was awhile yet before the dealer's room opened, so we returned to the room. Judi napped and I read. elsaf called when she was nearly at the hotel, so Judi and I went to meet her. It was nearly noon.

Other folks were arriving and we got to see many familiar faces and put other names to faces. I'd try to rattle them all off, but I know I'll forget many people. Lance, as always, was a hit with folks. hergrace and family arrived soon after, and we all, with PMEBers campion7 and Mona, went to Chili's for lunch. I had grilled shrimp Alfredo - yum!

Back at the con, there was more waiting around. Paul was rumored to arrive around 4pm, so I had some time to kill and went to see Peter Purves (Stephen Taylor from Doctor Who) in his panel. Then I went to the lobby to wait with other PMEBers and members from the McGann Library. Sure enough, "Himself" arrived and there was much (quiet) squeeing. The whole mass of females converged on the open bar after awhile, and Paul soon joined in. (That's where my photo came from. Hopefully judiang will be able to post her superior photos tonight.)

We kept Paul busy until nearly 6pm when the Opening Ceremony was to begin. We meandered to the ball room and I found my seat. I'm one seat from Teri, another McGann fanatic. Judi and miz_em, alas, are on the other side (but also the second row). But I should still have fun with the panels.

Elsa, Judi and I went off to IHOP (International House of Pancakes) for supper with 3 other McGann fans, Julie, Chaz, and Trish. We had a nice dinner (I had BLT, fries, and fudge brownie sundae) and even nicer conversation. When we got back, it was time for the McGann Library/PMEB party up in a business class suite.

The party was lovely with lots of fun conversation and Lance working the room like a pro. I took many photos and hopefully will get a page made up after the convention to display them. Alas, Paul was down in the bar getting plastered, so he was unable to attend. But that didn't stop us from having a good time! And now, Steph, Judi and I are down in the con area on our laptops and writing things up about the day. Tomorrow will hopefully be another great day of friends and good looking British men (or at least, one man). :-)
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