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LJ meme

Picked this one up from kkglinka:

1. My Journal is Called trinalin thinks things through. I like aliteration. I couldn't think of a better name for my journal than that. And I haven't come up with a better title for it.

2. My Subtitle is an emoticon :-). It's ONLY purpose is because my journal title has letters that go below the main line (descenders, I believe they're called) and get cut off by my Component theme. (It doesn't show up on my friends page, but as you'll see, it doesn't need to.)

3. My Friends Page is Called trinalinks, which has no descenders in it. I use "trinalinks" on my website too, to link to my friends websites (and it's sorely out of date). I thought it was rather a clever name and guess I can't give it up.

4. My Username is trinalin. This is the handle I've used online since I started in 1995. But I had the nickname even before then. My senior year in HS I got a REALLY bad ear ache. And one of the medications that the doctor put me on was "Trinalin." Wow, I thought, a medication named after me! (My full name is Trina Lynn Short.) So since 1989, I've used "trinalin" as a nickname or handle. (And to distinguish me from the medicine, I ALWAYS write it lowercase.)

5. My Default Userpic is Sylvester McCoy, of course. Heck, one of the things that kept me playing with LiveJournal was the fact that I could make Sylv icons. I haven't filled up all 50 userpix spots, though I'm getting closer all the time. *sniff*
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