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How Not to Run a Book Club

Back in September, I wrote about joining the Scientific American Book Club. I got my introductory package and paid for it (cancelled check and all) and have even started reading the books (well, one of the five at least). And I waited for the other order that I placed that day to be shipped. It never was.

So I e-mail the company asking about it. And they tell me that maybe my account information wasn't pushed to their website. Um, well then PUSH it there, morons, I think. But no, they can't seem to do this. Instead, they want me to e-mail them my e-mail address and password AND the answer to my "hint" question. WHAT? Nearly every online company that one deals with says NEVER send your password through e-mail. And that they'll NEVER ask for it by mail. Boy that gives ME a lot of confidence in this company.

Oh yeah, and if I'm interested in receiving that order, I need to e-mail them all of the relevant info- including my address. Sheesh! Talk about an incompetent company. I would think that, before you become an online business, you figure out how to make all this shit work before you go live. I'm really rather peeved with them. Perhaps it would be best if they just cancelled my club membership. (Not that they will - I mean, they'll want my money, no question about that.)

The good news is that they do NOT have my credit card number. And you know, I'm certainly never gonna trust them with it!
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