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Protest Songs Part Two...

Thanks to all the comments for yesterday's post, I've been given a number of suggestions for a second Protest CD. Thankfully Rhapsody has all but the Timbuk3 songs, so I can give 'em a listen. (There is a Timbuk3 CD on Rhapsody - if I find the music works for me, I'll seek out the CDs with the relevant songs.)

elsaf corrected me on my comments regarding the song "I Ain't Afraid." The song was written prior to the events of 9/11 but was later dedicated to it. Both Elsa and judiang created their own protest song lists here and here respectively. Check 'em out, then go and write your own. :-)

Mom was pleased with having her own "Anti-Bush CD" as I called it. She says she will be able to play it for some of her co-workers, but alas, not all of them. :-) She hasn't gotten to listen to it yet - we went off to renew our Sam's Club membership and waste some money on 24-packs of toilet paper. (Actually, mom did buy the 24 pack. I stuck with just getting some DVD cases and some Fox River sox - yay! Oh yeah, and a huge bag of Ghirardelli bittersweet chocolate chips - perfect for making my bittersweet chocolate ice cream!)
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