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Copier Joy...

Nothing a computer tech likes more than getting responsibility for even more technology - like, say, the school copiers. Yup, we've got a copier in the school that's networked. It hasn't been a problem so far, since it was just the Board Office that had access to one. Well, they've upgraded to a full color copier/scanner/fax thingummy from some copier company I've never heard of (starts with a G). Today their tech and I worked on getting it onto the network and he showed me how to scan, fax, e-mail, etc through this copier. And you know what? It's pretty cool, so far.

What will be more interesting is with the soon-to-be-new copier in the high school. Our principal wants it to be networked too, so that teachers can send print jobs from their room to it. The secretaries aren't as thrilled with this idea because the copier will inevitably jam and they'll have to be the ones to unjam it. What's more, there's no network drop in the room. So dad and I get to figure out a way to put a drop in there. (The folks who designed the extension where the HS is put the drop in the teachers lounge and not in the teacher work room. Um, how stupid is THAT?)

Hopefully, once we get that new copier in, it'll prove to be as tech friendly as the color copier is seeming to be (knock wood).

In less geeky news, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ladyslvr for Saturday! May you have a fab-o birthday!
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