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Feed Me, Seymore! - trinalin thinks things through — LiveJournal
Feed Me, Seymore!
Parent/Teacher Conferences. A task that nearly every teacher has to live through. You teach all day, then wait around all evening for parents to show up so you can talk to them. Being the chemistry/physics teacher, I don't get a lot of requests for conferences. I only asked for 1 student's parents to confer with this time, though they apparently declined. And I had one group conference last week with a student (and her parents) I was going to be having soon. So I usually find other useful things to work on - like finishing up a classroom that should have been done this summer.

Normally during these evening (long long evenings, might I add) conferences, the high school principal organizes some sort of food. It's best when we get pizza. Last week we got cold meat sandwiches. Not ideal, but good enough to get you through the evening. Tonight? Nada. The elementary had a snack carry-in. Folks brought in cookies and crackers and cheeseballs and things. (I had a couple of no-bake cookies while I was up working on that classroom - yum!) But we high school folks had nada. Tsk tsk - points off from our new principal's overall score! What's worse is that, since I felt deprived of sustenance, I got this overwhelming urge to eat McDonald's when I was done for the night. Eep!

So yeah, I went to Macca's after work and stumbled home to find a cat who missed me. (And wanted my french fries, damn cat.) But I'm hoping that the next time we have to be at the school until 6:30pm, we're actually fed something!

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