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Dinner & a Movie

It's fun to have the folks over for dinner and a movie from time to time. Since I just purchased Shrek 2 on DVD this weekend and they'd yet to see it, it was the ideal choice. I picked up subs & chips from Subway and dad took his antihistamine, and they showed up at 5pm for Dinner and a Movie. The food was good, the movie was good, and the folks behaved, too. :-) Leo was very interested in what everyone is eating and it wasn't until later that I realized that was because he was out of food. Whoops!

The rest of my day has been fairly productive. I've been video editing and am trying to get my first "real" DVD made. I did a test one last night and it worked peachy keen. So today I was capturing video from my better Ghoul Lashed tapes (plus 2 eps of Space Cadets and the Knorr soup cube commercial that Sylv was in). This allowed for other time to do things like straighten the house, clean the kitchen, and even mow the yard. :-) It feels good to have a productive day, I must say. (The weather was gorgeous, which certainly helped, I'm sure.)

Anyhoo, back to video editing. The Ghoul Lashed eps *nearly* fitted on the DVD, so now I have to chop a few minutes here and there to get them to fit.
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