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Home again, home again!

As much fun as visiting Amy was, I'm happy to be home. It's nice to be with Leo (who hasn't left me out of his sight since I got home) and to have my computer & Sylv wallpaper & Xmas music & BROADBAND. It'll be nice to sleep in a bed again (after 5 nights of sleeping in a recliner (comfy though it was).

Yesterday was a Do Nothing Day for most of us. Rachel had to work again, poor dear, but apart from a few household fixes that Ame & dad worked on, nothing productive was done. We finished most of the leftovers. We slept and read and played Free Cell (me, dad, and mom respectively). We went with Amy to pick up Rachel and shopped a bit in the Calhoun Center Mall. I tried a peppermint hot chocolate. (I thought it was a bit too pepperminty, but the neat sensation of drinking a hot beverage but having a cool aftertaste was intriguing.) Didn't buy anything, however.

Today, we got up early-ish (not as early as Rachel, who was up by 5am) and got ready to depart. The flights from MSP and ORD were both on time and uneventful. And now I'm listening to my Christmas Music, petting my cat (from time to time), and working at my computer (which has BROADBAND). It's good to be home!
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