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I voted today!

Dad always told me to "vote early and often" and I did that today. We had a science department meeting scheduled for 7:30am today, so I went into the polling place (the First Brethren Church at the other end of town) a little after 7am thinking that it would be less than half an hour like usual. I didn't get done until 7:40am! Well, I was pleased that so many people were out and voting, but I know that the majority there were not voting as I did. (Ah well...)

They were having a Mock Election at school today. The senior government class divided up into 7 different parties and came up with their platforms and campaigned and had a well-run debate yesterday. I was pretty sure which party I would vote for before, but after the debate, I was convinced. And so I voted in the Mock Election and got my second "I Voted Today" sticker. Go me!

Computer/DVD-wise, btw, I've got Winders back on my computer and some of the more essential programs on (Pegasus & Firefox, for example). And I've watched some of Still Game - will watch the Sylv ep one today. Funny show. And easier for me to understand than Rab C. Nesbitt. :-)

So, how do I think this election is going to go this year? Um, I think I just wanna stay in bed tomorrow. :-(
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