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Beggar's Night!

As I mentioned in my previous post, tonight was Beggar's Night. The night when the little buggers beggars show up and ask for candy. Last year I had 33 visitors and had too much candy left over. (My physics class the next day was pleased because they got the leftovers.) I was expecting much the same this year. I encouraged my students to show up, even enticing the seniors with full-sized Snickers bars. And ended up having 80 visitors! Wow!

As I was running out of candy, I called 'round to the folks and mom brought me some of their candy. And yet I still ran out at quarter til 8 (the evening ended at 8pm) so I turned off my lights, another successful beggar's night under my belt. And for once, no extra candy to tempt me - woohoo!

My tradition for Beggar's night has always been to watch my poor 3rd-gen, once converted (or more) copies of Ghoul Lashed, the silly children's series that Sylvester McCoy was in playing the part of The Butler Crud (which is my Halloween costume on IRC, BTW.) Last year I had to give 'em a miss when my VCR decided to eat one of the tapes (which prompted my purchasing a new DVD/VCR combo) and I watched The Rocky Horror Picture Show instead. Tonight I got to watch Sylv gurn outrageously as Crud, however, so my tradition is back on track. :-)

We had Trick or Treat for Unicef at school today - pay a buck and you get to wear a costume. So that's what I did.

Me as the Metric Avenger - note my Blue Suede Shoes!
Me as the Metric Avenger - note my Blue Suede Shoes!

I walk softly, but carry a meter stick!
I walk softly, but carry a meter stick!

The Metric Avenger cuddles her cat.
The Metric Avenger cuddles her cat.

Meet Jack!
Meet Jack!

I hope you folks have fun during your Beggar's Nights (which I hope actually take place on Halloween for you!)
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