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1 Down, 3 to Go!

Today was the official end to the first nine weeks of school - woohoo! The quarter ended Friday, but I don't consider it over until I've sent the grades electronically to our DA site. And I did that at 3:30pm today - woohoo! So one quarter down, 3 to go - I'm a happy camper.

In other good news, the 'rents returned from California today. Usually whenever they get back from one of the Westar Institute's meetings, dad has yet another (nonpaying) job to do for them. This time, however, they had a job for me - woohoo! And I'll get paid the same as dad. ;-) They want me to help out on their new website design. The current website is sort of blah. Hopefully I can help them make the new one not-so blah. They also brought me back a copy of The Fourth R (the Westar Institute's journal) where dad's E=mc2 sermon was printed. Yay dad! Then they took me out for supper in thanks for my picking up their paper and feeding my cat.

In the mail today I had a very special treat. dark_pheonix sent me an inked portrait of Sylvester McCoy she drew which was inspired by the photos of McCoy that I sent her recently. It's wonderful and I'll be getting a frame for it to hang in my house. Thanks dark_pheonix! You're very talented - even my parents think so. :-)

I've decided on my Halloween Costume as well. On Thursday we get to dress up at school (after paying $1 towards Unicef) and I'm going as The Metric Avenger! [insert theme music here] I think I even have a slogan: "Balancing Injustice, One Gram At a Time!" Now to come up with the logo and whatever else I need to put on the shirt. (Let's hear it for inkjet transfers!) And I need to buy a cape and mask. And maybe some colorful underwear to have on the outside of my clothes. ;-)

I much prefers Mondays like today, rather than Mondays where my servers are dead or dying. :-)
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