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My Artwork - on Sale at eBay! - trinalin thinks things through — LiveJournal
My Artwork - on Sale at eBay!
I have to laugh - back when I got my first ever computer, I started tinkering around with Windows 3.11 (for Workgroups) and discovered that I could personalize my wallpaper. So I decided to make my own wallpaper (this was before I had any scanners or any connection to the WWW.) I'm not a terribly good artist, but I figured I could copy the GUDI (I think that was the company name) t-shirt design of Sylvester McCoy. (I'd bought the shirt from 1-800-TREKKER or something like that.)

The result, using MS Paintbrush, was pretty good.

Trina's GUDI design.

Note the "the Doctor" at the top. This was not part of the GUDI design. "the" was some font or other that I had on my computer and I made "Doctor" based upon the 7th Doctor logo. It was a good wallpaper and suited my purposes until I discovered the InterNets and could download loverly *photos* of Sylvester McCoy and others.

So in looking through eBay tonight, what did I find? Someone's gone and printed the image off and had McCoy sign it. Now it's being sold on eBay. LOL - I'm still chuckling. :-) Fame at last! Except that they seem to have removed my "tls" from the picture. Just as well, I was copying someone else's work in the first place.

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