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Tuesday Update

It's Tuesday. Though it's Wednesday for some of you right now. And for others, you won't read this until Wednesday as it is.

But that's not what I really meant by "Tuesday Update." Cuz most of you probably knew the day of the week. (I'm actually kind of vague on it since we had inservice yesterday and thus have a short week of "real" school.)

Thanks to those of you who suggested webcomics for me to check out. I've not actually had the time to check them out yet, thanks to my busy weekend. When I get home anymore, I think "Time to play Diablo!" and screw everything else. Well, no, it's not quite THAT bad. But I will check them out - looking forward to having enough brain cells to do so. :-)

For those of you who are still thinking about joining us for a Diablo marathon, we're still willing to have folks join! Please let me know if you're interested. (And timjr - any luck finding your CD key?) We need to start thinking of starting times and characters we want to try. We're beginning at the beginning of the game and going until we all pass out or whatever. So far it's looking like Saturday the 30th is the better bet. audioboy is wanting to try his hand at a poison & bone Necromancer and I'm still hoping to try out the Amazon. Anyone else have something they want to try?

Computer-wise, I finished the 4th grade rooms today - woohoo! Nearly done with my summer tasks! Then I can start working on "new" things (which aren't so new anymore).

Shopping-wise, I finally broke down and bought a TV for the bedroom. Bought a cheapass TV and cheaperass DVD player for it (Region free, of course). Yay me! (Amy, don't shake your head at me! And I won't even admit that I bought them at Walmart er, nevermind!)

Now it's time to head off and read The Algebra of Ice, the 7th Doctor PDA written by Lloyd Rose. I enjoyed her EDAs (and I'm not terribly fond of the book 8th Doctor) so I'm really looking forward to this book. Plus I love supporting the female DW authors (rare though they are).
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