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The Holidazzle Parade - trinalin thinks things through — LiveJournal
The Holidazzle Parade
Apparently every year from Thanksgiving to Christmas, Minneapolis puts on the Holidazzle Parade (Wed-Sun). Tonight was the first of these. The parade takes place at 6:30 when it's nicely dark (and nicely cold) and the floats and people are all covered in lights.

Our intent tonight was not to see the parade, but to dine at The Local on Nicollette Ave. The Local is an Irish Pub that Amy and Rachel like. So we got to the pub and they had a seat for us in nonsmoking right off the bat. And when we got to it, it turns out that Amy and I could see Nicollette Ave and the eventual parade. So when 6:30 rolled around, the lighted floats started coming down the street.

Since this is something that happens from now until Christmas, they don't actually stop cross traffic. So the parade only goes down Nicollette when the lights were green. I figure by the end of the season, they've probably worked out the pattern with the lights, but tonight they still had some dead spaces when the lights were green.

Rachel would come around behind me whenever the lights were green and mom was able to see what was going on from her seat if she craned her neck. Dad finally got to see the bit where the Giant Turnips waddled down the street. These were turnip shaped costumes that were lit up - and eventually we discovered they weren't colorful turnips but Christmas Lights. (Mom wondered if one went out would the rest go out?) These Giant Turnips frightened dad and he refused to watch any more of the parade.

The meal was nice - I had fish & chips and tasted Rachel's lamb curry pie - both were very good. For afters, I had hot chocolate. Rachel ordered a "Hot Kiss Goodnight" which is a liquory coffee with peppermint, and mom & Amy split a "Nutty chocolate whirl" which was a liquory coffee with peanut butter & chocolate flavoring.

Rachel's said that if I show up at Starbucks tomorrow, I should order their peppermint hot chocolate (since they didn't have any non-alcoholic peppermint hot chocolates at the Local). Today when Amy and I picked her up, I ordered an Egg Nog Steamer. Yum!

Alas, only one more full day with Amy (and again Rachel works). But we'll enjoy the time with her - the trip so far has been a real blast!

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