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Plea to Ohio Voters! Pass it on! - trinalin thinks things through — LiveJournal
Plea to Ohio Voters! Pass it on!
Firstly, please vote! Secondly, there are two important (well, at least two) issues coming up this election which have nothing to do with who's gonna become president. The first is about educational funding. The second about partners' rights.

Ohio's general assembly was told by the Ohio Supreme Court a number of years ago that the method by which they fund Ohio schools was unconstitutional and they had to change it. The General Assembly has NOT done this. And what they've been doing instead is trying to get the Supreme Court to change its mind. One way for it do to that is to get folks on there who will overturn the previous ruling. Rather than reform educational funding, they wanna change the Supreme Court. Gah! This year's election has a number of people running for Supreme Court. And some of them have been very supportive of educational funding reform. Please, for the sake of Ohio public schools which are in a horrible money crunch these days, consider voting for these supportive candidates. The Ohioans for Educational Justice endorses the following candidates: Paul Pfeiffer, Republican (incumbent), William O'Neill, Democrat (Warren Court of Appeals), Ellen Connally, Democrat (Cleveland Municipal Court), and Nancy A. Fuerst, Democrat (Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court).

The second issue I'd like to discuss is an actual issue on the ballot, Issue One. This is Ohio's attempt at an anti-gay marriage amendment, but it affects a LOT more people than the LGBT community. Even the AARP and the Dayton Daily News have come down against it. It will remove many partner benefits that are currently in place in Ohio - which will affect LGBT and straight people. I urge you to consider voting AGAINST Issue One.

Feel free to link to this in your LJ or whatever in order to get as many Ohioans to see it. I don't often get all political, but I'm really concerned about these two issues. OK, I'll get off of my soapbox now.

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