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One of the cool things about living online is that you can get daily comics that are fun and funny *and* that don't require wasting paper. I have four webcomics that I currently read and am always on the lookout for others that might tickle my fancy. If you go to my actual LJ page, you can see them in my links list. (I now practically use my LJ page as my homepage. Just about everywhere I need to go on the WWW is just a click or two away from my LJ page.) But I'll also link to them here with some comments on why I enjoy them.

  • Station V3 - I have known axonite online for, like, ever. But I've yet to meet him in person. (One of these days, I'm sure...) Anyhoo, I bring him up because he writes and draws this comic. It's a daily with colored/expanded cartoons on Sundays. It's about a space station that's full of "characters." Very funny stuff and even plots that go on for weeks! :-) He also does Station Z7, which is a full color comic on Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays about a station that's probably in worse shape that V3. Click here for one of my favorites from Station V3.

  • The Devil's Panties - judiang got me hooked on this comic. One night she kept sending elsaf, hergrace and I to certain panels and we'd all laugh. So I started reading it regularly. And for Judi's birthday last year, I got her an original piece (and two copies) as well. The artist, Jennie Breeden is a very personable lady as well. She added "Happy Birthday, Judi!" to the panels that I bought. The comic is a semi-autobiographical daily with (lately) occasional splashes of color. Click here for one of my favorites.

  • Arthur King of Time and Space - A comic by another online friend. Paul Gadzikowski does this full color daily about King Arthur. But there's a twist. He puts Arthur and his entourage into several different times and goes from there. So one day you'll see Arthur in a space ship, the next day might have Arthur in the Wild West. Some fun gags can thus be illustrated with the characters. Click here for one of my favorites.

  • Ctrl+Alt+Del - The latest addition to my regular reading is a full color comic that's updated on M/W/F/Sat. It's by Tim Buckley and revolves around two gamers and their daily lives. Oh, and one of the gamers (the one who's just that wee bit odder than your usual bloke) has a girlfriend who also likes gaming. Yay! Let's hear it for girls who play video games! I found this one when someone in girlgeeks had a link to this cartoon. That was enough to convince me to start reading, and so I did. Here's another one of my favorites.

So check these webcomics out and if you've got some that you love to read, tell me about them, too. :-)
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