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Ghost Light, the Site!

Yesterday, I finished my Ghost Light website. Yay! I, um, haven't edited it thoroughly, however, so if you find typos or bad links or something, let me know and I'll sort it out. I'm pleased with the captures, though narrowing them down to just a few for the site wasn't easy. And it was even harder with the wavs. I have on my computer 34 Ghost Light wavs. I ended up putting 11 on the site. That wasn't easy for me! Most of the story is so quotable anyway. (My original intention was to put up just 10. So I had 10 set up. Then one of my computer sounds played when Windows had an Exclamation - and it was a quote from Ghost Light that needed to be included. So I included it, too. In case you're wondering which one, it was "Things are getting out of control, even *I* can't play this many games at once!")

So, if you haven't clicked on it already, please go to my Ghost Light site. :-)
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