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Monday, Monday, So Bad to Me

I never used to really *hate* Mondays, but I'm beginning to. Or at least admit that they hate me.

2 weeks ago, JohnnyCache's harddrive goes kaput. Last week, one of the 4 drives in the Fileserver goes kaput. Today? The processor in the Fileserver goes kaput.

The new Fileserver wasn't ready for Prime Time yet this weekend, but Dean managed to get the new HD installed in it this weekend. Most of the weekend was spent backing it up, apparently, and that's once he finally got it to boot. So last night around 6pm we installed it back on our network at school. The new drive was accepted as one of the regulars and the D volume (where all the user files are stored) began to be regenerated. Everything looked like it was going smoothly, so we left before 7pm and let it regenerate away.

This morning I went in to check on it and couldn't connect. Crap. So I rebooted it and after it finally logged on and all, I connected and checked Disk Mangler to see what happened. According to it, the regeneration of the D volume failed. Crap. Well, I got it started again and then opened a browser so that I could e-mail Dean the news. Only I couldn't connect to the Internet. Crap. Ah well, I went back into the hot room, reset our switch to the outside world, and returned to the office. To find that the Fileserver had hung up when I reset the switch. Crap. I reboot AGAIN. This time NOTHING. No POST, no Winders, nada. Crap.

It wasn't yet 8am, but I still called Dean to tell him the bad news. Despite his prior commitments (to the Sheriff's department, of all things) he came right away. He brought the new Fileserver with him in case things didn't work with the old one. He figured out that it was the processor that had gone bad this time. After doing some research, we found some computers in the building which had processors that the Fileserver could use. He had to update the BIOS to do that - starting with a 533MHz processor and then upping it to a 800MHz one. (One of the fifth grade teachers is now without a computer - I'll set him up with a new one tomorrow.) But he got it working again.

Dean's now working double time on getting the new Fileserver up to par. Hopefully we can do the actual change over this week. And then maybe this current nightmare can end.

On a much happier note, however, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, niira!!!! Betcha you'll have a nicely decorated cake for your birthday! (Well, you'd better!)
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