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Ghost Light

Well, I've done what I could to OD on Ghost Light this weekend. Having the DVD has been great. I'm in the process of making a page for the Sylv Site on this story, though it'll be another couple of days or so until I get it completed. I still have some capturing to do. (I spent a good deal of time today trying to find a program which could play the DVD and finally Ulead came through with their DVD player. Alas, its sound capabilities suck, but at least I get pictures!)

I watched the commentary today. Marc Platt (author) and Andrew Cartmel (script editor) spent a good portion of that time explaining the plot for the folks who couldn't figure it out. Perhaps the actors should watch the commentary too (during one of the extras on the CD, most of them mentioned how they never understood the plot when they filmed it.) The other two commentators were Sophie Aldred (Ace) and Mark Ayres (music). Good commentary, though I missed having Sylv play off of Sophie.

I was rather pleased to discover that I'd pretty much figured out ages ago what Marc & Andrew say in the commentary and extras. (Indeed, I found an e-mail I'd written to drwho-l back in May of '96 explaining the story.) If you've always had troubles figuring out Ghost Light, the first thing to realize is that Control is the control to an experiment. Control and the Survey (Josiah) were originally identical. The Survey would then go down onto some planet, evolve into the dominant life, and then Light could do a detailed study. Everything went haywire, however, when Josiah lands on Earth (again) while Light's still sleeping. Hilarity ensues. :-)

As you might have guessed from my recent LJ posts berating the lack of Ghost Light, this story is a particular favorite of mine. It's my most favorite Doctor Who story of all time. So having it to watch all weekend has been a wonderful stress-reducer. Mmmm, Dark Coat Sylv! Spooky Victorians! Ayres music! Witty dialog! Ace in drag! What more could one ask for?

Also, inspired by one of my photos (actually, my only true photo) from Ghost Light, I have made my first OTP (One True Pairing) icon. Enjoy! :-)
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