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The bad news? Dean's having trouble with the old Fileserver so the new Fileserver wasn't ready today. Hopefully he'll have things sorted by tomorrow.

The good news? Ghost Light arrived today! Woohoo! I watched it with 5.1 surround sound earlier today. And tonight I'm gonna watch it again with commentary.

The bad news? Can't do any screen captures since the damn thing won't play with PowerDVD on my PC. Ah well!

The good news? I went off to Oktoberfest in Minster this evening.

First I went to the cottage where the folks were and had an amaretto sour while I finished the book in my purse. (I hadn't realized how close to the end I was.) Then we went into Minster for their Oktoberfest. I bought a neat sweatshirt for the Christmas season (penguins and snow), an Oktoberfest glass mug (to go with the others I've bought throughout the years), and some cinnamon roasted almonds and pecans. For supper I had a brat with kraut, onions, and spicy mustard. Then I got some french fries and shared with the 'rents. Caffeine Free Pepsi as beverage.

I noticed something interesting - they had a magnificent way to tell when people got too drunk on beer. There was a stall selling Chicken Hats. And as people got drunker and drunker, the chicken hats looked more and more appealing. Eventually, they were so drunk they'd actually spend money on one and wear it. Ta da! Instant drunk indicator! :-) (No one in my group drank, so none of us came away with a chicken hat.)

So now I'm off to watch Ghost Light with commentary. Mmmmmm, Sylv! Maybe I'll watch it again tomorrow. It's only 3 episodes, after all. :-)
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