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Shopping Day!

In order for Amy to get some work done for school, the folks and I went shopping in downtown Minneapolis. We walked down Nicollette Ave and shopped at the big Target (where I bought Koozebane Kermit) and then onto Marshall Fields where we stood in a long line to see the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 3D moving display. It was really neat to see. And afterwards I bought myself a Willy Wonka figurine. I know that Quentin Blake was not the original illustrator for the book (I tend to be faithful to the original illustrators) but I still had to have a figurine based upon his drawing. Long before Doctor Who or my other obsessions, I was (and still am) a Roald Dahl fan. So this was the ideal display for me.

One of the things I discovered as a result of this trip was the website When I get back to broadband land, I'll investigate the site further.

We then left Marshall Fields (no Frango mints for us - I never saw the appeal, myself, despite being a mint fan) and moved onto the mall across the way. We had lunch in a food court (gyros for me, sammiches for the folks) and moved onto other shops using the Skyway. Mom bought some jewelry made by local artists, dad bought some magazines from Barnes Ignoble.

We then walked back home to Amy Lou and now it's time for Amy and I to pick up Rachel.
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