Trina L Short (trinalin) wrote,
Trina L Short

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New Sylv Page Up!

In anticipation of Ghost Light's eventual arrival, I figured I really should create a page for The Curse of Fenric. It was the second SylvDoc DVD out in regions 1, 2 and 4. So that's what I did today. I also updated Remembrance of the Daleks for prices and DVD comments. And updating to CSS. The main Doctor Who page on my site was also out of date, CSS-ways, so I updated it too (even mentioning the new series.)

As it's the last day of September, I've just now decorated my computer for Halloween. (All I did was put a new desktop wallpaper up. My Halloween computer decorations aren't as extensive as my Christmas computer decorations.) To get an idea of my Halloween Wallpaper, you can look at my Halloween icon. :-)
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