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Shaun of the Dead

Wow - I've now seen three recently released movies within the past month. Maybe even four, if Princess Diaries 2 counts as well (has that been within the month?) Of course, two of these three/four are only recent for the US: Hero and now Shaun of the Dead. Heck, Shaun's already on DVD in the UK. (I think I may have to get that DVD when it arrives in R1.)

So yeah, as you might have guessed from the topic and first paragraph, I went to see Shaun of the Dead today. It wasn't playing locally, so I took that as my excuse to go south of Dayton for some Indian Fud. For a change of scenery, I went down 741 through Moraine to get to the Dayton Mall area. (Usually I just take I-75 all the way to 725 and then hop on 741. But since few on my flist know what I'm talking about, I'll just shut up now.) I started by going for lunch at India Palace. They have a lunch buffet, so I ate too much and then had rice pudding.

I lumbered back to my car and drove to CompUSA to look around and then to Best Buy (both very near to the theater). I bought a replacement MP3 CD player for my car (the good one died and its first replacement was crap). Got one that was pre-opened so I saved $3 and it was easy to open in the car. Once I had it in place, I could start listening to the latest Doctor Who audio, Faith Stealer, which is so far proving to be entertaining. Once I was done shopping, it was nearly time for the movie.

$6.25 later, I had me a ticket and was sitting in the theater waiting for the credits to end. (Wow, short movie! Heh...) They did the usual slide show of ads, which I missed because I was reading instead. Then some commercials (blech!) and some previews and a funny "what not to do at the theater" short which had Charlie Sheen and some others. And finally the movie. Yay! I'm not much into horror flicks, but I liked Spaced and love British humor, so I figured I'd enjoy the movie. And I did. Dylan Moran as someone other than Bernard Black was fun to see. (And in a sideways "ooooh!" moment, my DVDs of Black Books season 2 ought to arrive this week.) Simon Pegg was great as Shaun and the love interest was good as well. Some true laugh out loud moments, but often I found myself giggling when others in the theater were not. Ah well! (I was just impressed there were folks other than me there.)

After the movie, I headed back up 741 to I-75 and into Troy. I got some Science Diet for Leo (have to buy that at the pet store - why does my cat only like food that must be bought at the pet store?) and then went to Walmart for some items on my list. Which I left at home. Thankfully, I remembered everything that I needed and got a couple of other things that will come in handy. And while I was there, I decided to go for a hot fudge cake at Frisch's for dessert (with supper to come later in the form of a bowl of cereal). However, I discovered at Frisch's that they still had Cream of Broccoli soup. I was a good girl and ordered only a single bowl of soup. And then ordered my hot fudge cake (no cherry). I shall refrain from having a bowl of cereal now. :-)

'Twas a good day to be a treen, sayeth the treen.

And in honor of yates's birthday, I have my birthday icon on. Happy Birthday yatesy!

EDIT: Since judiang and elsaf didn't seem to catch the gist of my "review", I'll say that yes, I liked the movie... (I suck at reviews, as you can see.) And I still don't know what ETA means other than Estimated Time of Arrival. Any one know what it means?
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