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Princess Leia's Accent Killed my DVD!

I started watching Star Wars last night and finished it this evening. By Star Wars, I mean the original feature. I don't care what the "new title" is - it'll always be Star Wars to me. (Man, do I sound like an old fogey or what?)

Anyhoo, the picture was fabulous and the sound rocked my chair. Damn - never was I so glad to have my surround sound on. What I *really* need to do is borrow the new LCD projector I just got at school and watch The Empire Strikes Back with it. Mmmmmm - sounds good to me!

Anyhoo, I noticed a glitch in my DVD. Thankfully, it only takes place in one section. When Leia is being interrogated by Grand Moff Tarkin, it jumps in a couple of places. As a matter of fact, it jumps almost as much as Leia's accent does. "She's English. No, she's American! No, she's English!" etc. So I think the girl broke my DVD in that place.

If any of the other discs have glitches, I'll take the set back. As it is, that one particular glitch just seems rather funny to me. :-) (Yes, I find the strangest things funny. Makes for a more fun life, if you ask me.)
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