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Today's the day to pause for awhile and think of all the things we're grateful for. I have so many things that I'm grateful for that I shan't be able to relate them all here, but I'll at least get a bit of coverage.

Family: I think I'm blessed with the best family ever. My folks are kind and understanding, funny and wise, and great fun to hang out with. My sister is cute as a button and twice as smart, her fiance Rachel is a wonderful addition to my wonderful family. Granny's still active and fun to be around. I have many lovely aunts and uncles who love each other and their families. My cousins are wonderful people as well. The little ones (my cousins' little ones) are fun as well.

Friends: As well as being blessed with a wonderful family, I have wonderful friends. Elsa and Judi are my Bestest Friendsests in the Wholest Wildest Worldest and I enjoy every moment that I spend with them, online and in person. I have many other virtual and real friends from IRC and my mailing lists. My coworkers are fun to hang around with during lunch and on our Friday evenings out.

Leo: My kitty is so sweet. He means the world to me. It's a bit difficult being away while he's off alone at home, but Brandi (whom I'm very thankful for) is looking in on him and feeding him daily. And whenever I see Amy's cat, Fruvous, I'm reminding of my furry little friend.

My job: I have a job that I love. Dad always said that if you get a job that you love, you'll never work a day in your life. Where else can I teach physics and chemistry AND be a network administrator? I have students who are excited to be learning and are geuninely kind people. I have coworkers, as I mentioned before, who are friends as well. Although we're currently having money problems (what Ohio school isn't?) we're still providing a wonderful education for the kids of the community.

My community: Small Town, USA, for sure. But full of kind people who care about their town and their school. I own a house, which is a wonderful experience, and a car and a cat. I can't ask for much more.

My health: I'm overweight, but other than that I'm usually healthy and happy. I can walk for miles and miles and still have the energy to do other things when I'm done. I have occassional sinus headaches, but nothing chronic and nothing that can't be helped with OTC drugs. (Better Living Through Chemistry, eh?)

My life: I'm doing what I love, living where I love, and hang out with people that I love. I am grateful for my life and the people in it. Thank you all for such a Wonderful Life. :-)
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