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Family Time!

Well, mom's sleeping in the recliner, dad's sleeping on the futon sofa, Amy and Rachel are sleeping on Amy's bed (poor Amy's suffering a cold) and I'm not sleepy at all. So I'm clackity clacking away at the computer to type in my LJ entry for the day.

Yesterday afternoon, the folks and I flew together for the first time. We left around 4pm (which gave me a half an hour to replace a power supply in my Aunt Becky's computer so she'd have her games for the long weekend) and got to the Dayton International Airport (which is neither in Dayton nor particularly international) shortly after that. After picking up our boarding passes and going through security, we stopped into the Max & Erma's for supper. Then a long wait at the gate for our delayed flight to O'Hare.

We were getting a bit worried as the delays continued since we had a connecting flight to MSP from there, but the lady at the gate assured mother that our connecting flight was 2 hours delayed. When we successfully arrived at ORD, we discovered that her two hours was their ten minutes. Thankfully, our new gate was just a few down from where we landed. We made it onto the new plane and got to Minneapolis/St. Paul without a hitch.

We opted to only do carry-on luggage, so there was no long wait at baggage claim. Amy and Rachel met us there and we headed out to the car. Rachel drove us in a car just barely built for five (we had to take turns breathing in the back seat) and we eventually made it to Amy's place. Lots of snow around, but most of it had been cleared off the roads. A few icy patches on the way into the apartment. Makes this Christmas Elf happy to see the snow (but never ice). :-)

Fruvous, Amy's cat, wasn't pleased to see us. Fruvous never looks pleased. But we were happy to see his frowning face. He's such a cute little grump. Amy made cocoa and tea for folks and we ate the last of Rachel's homemade brownies. Then for the sleeping arrangements, Fruvous and I took the recliner, Amy & Rachel the futon, and mom and dad got Amy's bed. I slept pretty well, all things considered. (Though Fruvous kept pulling the blankets away from me.)

This morning was a nice slow moving day. Dad made everyone Egg McMikey sammiches (which is what Ame & Rache call 'em) and we discussed the grocery list. Amy has a teeny tiny kitchen, so it's going to be interesting seeing how everything's going to be prepared tonight and tomorrow. (I'm in charge of the cheeseball, which I'll make tonight, and the smashed taters, which I'll make tomorrow.)

We went to the Uptown Rainbow for groceries and got in and out rather quickly. Not really all that bad, crowd-wise. Alas, no sign of canned chestnuts, so Amy's chestnut stuffing will have to be modified to Amy's almond stuffing. We got the groceries home and then walked down to the Indian place (New Delhi) near the apartment. Mmmm! Indian Fud! And no little 11 year olds to look disdainfully at the food. Then a walk downtown to Walgreens to get the stuff we forgot and to take a peek in the windows of Marshall Field's.

Friday the folks (or at least mom) and I will walk back to Marshall Field's to check out the display on the 8th floor. They've done Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (one of my favorite books - the sequel of which *is* my favorite book). Judi might be able to answer this - did the Marshall Fields in Chicago do the same display? Or does each big store do a different display during the holidays?

After a quick stop in the liquor store (mom's first time in a liquor store since she was little, she claims) we headed back home, to crash. And now everyone's crashed except me. But when I finish this entry, I'll probably sit down and listen to my Xmas music on my little Rio MP3 player.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you playing at home!
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