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Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow!

After school today, I was reading my flist and saw michaellee mention that he was off to see Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow tonight. "Oh yeah!" I thought to myself, "I wanna see that, too!" I'd missed the 4:40 showing (I was only just in the door at home then) so I decided on the 7:20 showing. And then I putzed around until it was almost too late to eat supper and then go. But I got supper et in 5 minutes and arrived 5 minutes into the trailers. But I saw the flick.

So, was it worth the rushed supper? (Supper, btw, was leftover General Tso's on rice, which I had to make which explains one reason why I had only 5 minutes to eat.) Yes! Definitely. It was a fabulous movie. Another one that's visually appealing. And I don't just mean Jude Law and Angelina Jolie. It was really cool how they built this worldscape based upon 20's style comic books (or whatever). Several cliffhanger-style bits gave it the old-style serial feel as well. Gwyneth Paltrow was good, too, but I've always fancied the other two in more of an eye-candy fashion. My only complaint to the flick, probably, is that there's not enough Jolie.

After the movie, I kept up my spontaneity and went to Applebee's for their Triple Chocolate Meltdown. Applebee's has some of the best desserts in town. Mmmmm!

Next was Walmart for a few items of necessity (Leo's been complaining about his litter boxes) and some other things I decided to buy. (Jeans, Black & White and the Expansion Pack, sweat pants, that sort of thing.) And then home again, home again. Now it's time to gad with my friends until the wee hours. :-)
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