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Easy Come, Easy Go...

After my post yesterday about being out of money troubles (for now), fate decided to pull a fast one on me. Yes, today in my mailbox was an invitation to join The Scientific American Book Club. GAH! Book clubs are EVIL! I was a servant of the Quality Paperback Book Club for years (until I finally stopped ordering books and they kicked me out). I've been a member of the Children's Book of the Month Club as well (and I don't mean as a child). I once was on a Computer Book Club, but it went out of business (though not before I bought lots of books).

So, not only did I take advantage of their offer to get their 5 physics book collection (I can't help it, I'm a physics teacher!) for $5.99 (plus $14.99 shipping and handling), but I looked through their online catalog and ordered 3 more books (thankfully totaling over $59 so I got free shipping & handling there). And I stuck 5 more books in my wish list. GAH!

Evil, evil book clubs! Go away! The link to the new Computer Book Club was just plain EVIL. But thankfully I held my own (this time around) and didn't join that club as well.

Books are bad, m'kay?
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