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I'm In the Money!

At Newton, we get 26 pays a year. Every seven years or so, however, we end up with 27 pay periods for the year. But we only get paid for 26... So that means we have to skip one week of pay. In other words, go 3 weeks between pays instead of the usual 2 weeks.

Well, this happened to us in August. We got 1 pay on the 13th and then had to go until September 3rd for our next pay. I knew it was coming (indeed, we had 3 pays in July and I should have been just fine) and yet I still spent way too much money on PLASTIC. So I was hurting by September 3rd. (Even conned dad out of $10 to get me through the last week.)

We're back on regular 2-week pays and this is a good thing. I've gotten all of my bills paid and there's still money in checking, plus this Friday is pay day. And today I received two checks in the mail. $20 and $30 respectively. These were my rebate checks for buying Paint Shop Pro for Amy & Rachel for their wedding present. $20 for the software and $30 for recently buying a digital camera (which was their joint birthday/wedding present). Woohoo!

And as I'm paying bills today, one of my credit cards (the one I use solely online and is a "Rewards" card) tells me I've got $93 in dividends that I can cash. Oooh! (Considering that's from 1% of purchases, you can see how much friggin' money I spend!!!!!) So I tell the card to send me a check. Sweet!

I intend to be a good girl and put the checks in my savings account. My poor savings account took quite a hit during my spending spree and 3 weeks w/o pay. (Hey, I had to buy clothes for the school year. And, um, go to Boston and Chicago. And go to King's Island!)

(And I'm *not* going to talk about the $140 I just spent at, nope! Not me!)

Money, that's what I like. :-)
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