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Walmart Fumbles! Meijer Scores!

Before the Troy Walmart became a Super Center (Walmart Plus Grocery), it was the best place locally to buy brand new DVDs. They had a great selection and great prices. But I noticed once they became a Super Center, the DVD selection just wasn't as nice. Still, since yesterday was the day season 1 of Columbo was to come out, I gave them the benefit of the doubt and headed off (before Open House) to buy it, if they had it.

They didn't.

Not only didn't they have it, but according to the DVD release guide the lady showed me after she said that it wasn't out yet (which I then followed with a snarky comment of "Just everywhere else, then" that I hadn't intended to be audible, but apparently it was), they weren't gonna be getting it.

Geez, that sentence just ran on and on. Sorry!

Anyway, tonight, mom and I went off to Curves (my first time in nearly a month - whoops! But the cool thing is that it was the 1-year anniversary of their start, so they had free chair massages - cool! And no, I don't mean the chair got a massage. The lady who gave them works for Harmony Farm in Tipp City) and afterwards to Meijer so mom could buy some groceries. I went to their DVD section and they had it! Woohoo! For only a buck more than the best price I found online. Instant gratification, here I come! I even bought the DVD of Jesus Christ Superstar cuz I was happy and it was only $10. (This is the "original" with Ted Neely. I had the VHS, but not the DVD.)

I seem to be getting carried away with my parenthetical thoughts tonight. But that's OK, cuz this post is OVAH! :-)
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