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Yay - it worked!

Well, what do you know, the first, er, second post actually worked! This new fangled technology is amazin', I tell ya. ;-)

So... Here's the bit that I probably won't be any good at - writing my thoughts. That's cuz there's nothing going on up there - ha!

I just commented on Elsa's British Airlines dilemma (that prices are dirt cheap, we've got friends going to the UK in January, and she shouldn't, but wants to go...) and ended up posting a link to an ad for Sylvester McCoy's upcoming Panto production. And I thought it funny that I mentioned it there before I did in my actual post. For those who don't know me (so, um, why you reading this?) I'm a major Sylvester McCoy fan. The only part of my website that I ever update, is my Sylvester McCoy section. (And it's not very up to date, as it is.) So I'd better mention it here as well.

Sylvester McCoy will be in a pantomime production this Holiday season. Check out for more details.

(PS, I just listening to all of my music by group in alphabetical order - it doesn't mean that I listen to ABBA all the time!)
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