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How to Create Your Own Catastrophe

  1. Have 300+ student accounts that need created.
  2. Write a text file to set all of the properties for each user (thanks be to Microsoft Excel).
  3. Create all 300+ folders and set shares and permissions using a batch file (Excel again a godsend).
  4. Print out account info for 300+ students - cut into thirds.
  5. Look up classroom students are in for 7th and 8th period (remember, 300+ students).
  6. Get stack of signed Acceptable Use Policies from office.
  7. Go through Excel file to mark which students have turned in signed Acceptable Use Policies.
  8. Pass out student accounts to 100+ students who have turned in paperwork.
  9. Wait for complaints that accounts aren't working.
  10. Realize after complaints come in that you typed "//fileserver" instead of "\\fileserver" in text file back in step 1, thus making none of the home directories available to all student users.
  11. Swear with suitable 4-letter words.

Bleh - I can't find any easy way to change the home directory for all of the students. I may have to delete all of the accounts and recreate them. Of course, then I'll have to redo all of the permissions, too.

(If anyone knows WinNT4 server and how to change the home directory for multiple users, please let me know - I'd greatly appreciate it!)
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