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School Daze

School has begun and things are going well, class-wise. I'm still way behind when it comes to computers and the lab is in a state (though kids can get to their stations). Not much I can do about the computers - I'll have 2 extra periods tomorrow, but most of it will be spent working on student accounts. Folks are being patient, and that's appreciated. They know it's just lil ol' me.

Might have a lead on the Clean Slate issue - am in e-mail contact with their tech support again ('cuz I've gotten more frustrated with the lockups). Will have to see what they say to my tests of today. (Computers don't lock up when they don't check on their network settings and stick with local settings.)

Stayed until 6:30 pm today working on getting the student accounts ready. Will be able to pass out quite a few of them tomorrow. (Students are not allowed on the machines until they and their parents sign an acceptable use of technology agreement, which is part of the handbook now.) All of my 1st period students got their AUPs signed - yay! Dunno yet about the others, though I saw many familiar names. (My students get extra credit if they get them in by tomorrow.)

When I got home tonight, mom was sitting on my front porch holding Leo. He was loving every minute of it - the breeze was wonderful. They'd been calling since just before 5 to invite me around for supper (pork, kraut, and mashed taters - yum!) They were done, but there was still stuff for me if interested. I certainly was! And it was wonderful.

For the rest of the evening, I intend to watch Olympics and goof off. Tomorrow, I hope to get home before 4pm. Ha!
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