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As Ready as I'll Ever Be...

Tomorrow is the first day of school for the kiddies. I worked until 5:30pm today getting my paperwork in order and the rooms ready. Gah! The things I wanted to do in the lab this summer I just never got to (including cleaning the mess from the last lab - whoops!) But things are cleared off enough for the kids, at least.

I tell folks that I don't work on computers the day before school starts. It's my one and only time to get my paperwork in order and room ready. So of course, there's some computer problems. Thankfully, most of 'em were quickie fixes that I could manage between papers.

The poor physics students get 4 double-sided papers from me tomorrow. And one of 'em is a math worksheet. It's real simple algebra and geometry, but they usually balk at it. If they can do the math on the worksheet, they can handle the math in the course. Oh, and one of the two classes has their first lab tomorrow too.

Chemistry fairs almost as badly - 3 double-sided papers. And a quiz on Thursday. (Over the lab safety rules.) But it's a good indicator of what's to come.

Should be a good year - the physics kids are bright and eager and the chemistry kids sound like a fun bunch. I know a few of the upcoming chemistry kids (one of 'em I've known since she was a little girl). Perhaps I might even get some names learned this week! (Well, let's not get silly...)

And no matter how the day goes, I have one thing to look forward to. My traditional Frische's Supper. The folks and I will go out to eat tomorrow night in celebration of surviving yet another first day of school. Woohoo!

(Oh, gonna use my Summer icon one last time... Guess I need to make an autumn one now...)
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