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Every year before school starts, I buy my "fall wardrobe." But let's be honest, it's my year wardrobe. I shop for clothes once a year. Every so often I'll pick up something (jeans, t-shirt, etc) as a one-off, but I only ever deliberately shop for clothes once a year. I don't like shopping for clothes, as you might guess.

So today was the day. JC Penney's was having a sale and I always get my wardrobe from Penney's. Why them? Well, cuz their bras fit. (Yeah, TMI, sorry!) But I often find enough outfits on sale and this year was no exception.

I started off with the undies. Got 2 week's worth of underpants, bras, and knee-high hose. That was a massive $185, but hey, that's after saving over $50. Then mom and I picked out some shirts and slacks. And I ended up with 7 shirts and 4 slacks for $250. And that's after saving $133. Cool. :-)

So that should work for me until Christmas when folks get me my "winter wardrobe." Funnily enough, my "spring wardrobe" looks a lot like my "fall wardrobe." And summer? Whatever t-shirts and shorts I can find.

Guess I'm ready for school! ;-)
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