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Computer Juggling

We upgrade the 4 big labs in the building every three years. But the machines after 3 years are still somewhat usable and thus get placed in other classrooms. And then the much older machines from those classrooms will have to be moved out and eventually disposed of. (For the time being, they sit in my chemistry lab under the chemistry tables.)

Last year, my lab and the elementary lab were upgraded. But we ended up with a batch of bad Seagate harddrives. And over the year we replaced every hard drive at least once and some more than once. So the elementary wasn't terribly pleased and when we got a grant to get more new computers, we decided to replace those computers. Which means more juggling for Trina.

School starts for kids this Wednesday. Tomorrow is a teacher day at a golf club (another grant helps pay for this, I believe). Monday is staff meetings day. Tuesday is teacher work day. So today I had to get all of the new computers for the elementary lab out of my classroom. Which meant I had to clear out old computers from 5 classrooms. Which meant I had to move elementary lab machines into those 5 classrooms and then move the new computers to the lab.

Gah! That's a lot of computer hauling! My poor little wimpy arms are tired. I'm lazy and not accustomed to exercise (Curves notwithstanding.) But thanks to dad helping out (he was only going to work the morning, but worked until 5 along with me) we got it done. They aren't hooked up - something fun to do once school starts - but they are out of my way and out of the teachers' ways.

Tomorrow after the day of meetings and motivational speaker, I'm heading to the Lake to watch Olympics and veg. This weekend is all about the Olympics. Maybe a movie and maybe clothes shopping. We'll see. :-)
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