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Chopping Broccoli!

Anyone here remember any of Dana Carvey's old standup routine? One thing he did (which later made it into a Saturday Night Live) was a musician writing a song on the fly called "Chopping Broccoli." Well, tonight, that's what we did. Broccoli, peppers, carrots, cauliflower, etc. I chopped carrots and peppers for the Egyptian lentil soup that Amy is making for Saturday supper while others sliced peppers and carrots and other veggies for the Make Your Own Wraps for Saturday lunch. Friday night is the cookout - burgers (meat and veggie), dogs, etc.

We had the veggie cutting party at Ann & Jane's place - friends of Amy & Rachel who attend the same church. Lots of folks were there - the Orvilles (Rachel & her folks) the Shorts (Amy and her folks and me), Michelle, Becky, Melissa, Shelly, Johnny, Joel, Ina, Ann & Jane, plus their dog and cat (who both LOVED dad, the guy who's allergic to animals).

This morning, the folks and I went to Keys for breakfast. It's a cafe down the street. (Our hotel is on Nicolette, which is also called "Eat Street.") I had French toast plus a dippy egg and toast. Then we returned to the hotel where I discovered the free wireless. Next we waited around for the girls to show up. When they did, Amy took us off shopping and Rachel took her folks off shopping. Rachel went to the co-op while we went to Target and a number of other stores.

The shopping was successful, though how we're gonna get everything to the campground is going to be an exercise of military proportions. I think we'll manage it, but it will require about every vehicle we have at our disposal. :-)

We had lunch at the Urban Kitchen, which was near the shopping area we were at, and I had chicken salad on sour dough bread - yummy! Amy ordered 8lbs of potato salad and 8lbs of cole slaw for the cook out tomorrow (er, today, I guess it is according to my computer's clock). So even during lunch we were working. :-)

Once shopping was done, we headed for Amy & Rachel's place where I got to see Fruvous again. He's their 10+ year old cat (and I don't want to bother looking for an umlaut or whatever that his "u" needs). They managed to get everything into the fridge.

We then went to the Holy Land for supper. Yes, a quick trip to Jerusalem is always necessary in the middle of preparing for a lesbian wedding. :-) This was a deli, grocery, restaurant, general store that had awesome food. We got a vegetarian platter and a meat platter and we all sampled from both. Plus there was rice, falafel (the best I'd ever had), and for dessert, baklava. Some folks braved the Arabian coffee, but coffee is coffee and thus sucks for treen, so I opted out.

It was after supper that we went to Ann & Jane's (and I apologize to Ann if I'm misspelling her name and I'll correct it if I learn I've got it wrong). And now I'm back to the hotel and in the lobby. And tired. And I think I'll head for bed soon.
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