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The Wedding of the Century!

This morning, the parental units and I will head Oop North to Minnesota (though we'll probably stop in Illinois tonight to sleep). We're off to help out for Amy's Wedding! Hooray!

My little sister is 4 years younger (but often more mature) than I. And her girlfriend, Rachel, is 4 years younger than Amy. They'll need to correct me on this, but I believe they've been going together for 2 years or so. And this Saturday, they're getting hitched! Woohoo!

They have friends from all over North America and so wanted to have a longer period to have folks around so that they could actually see people. They came up with the idea of a camping trip! So Friday, folks will gather for a cookout at the campsite (which is in one of the state or national parks) and then play games (ooooh! Dutch Blitz! Played by people who know the rules!) Then sleeping in cabins (with bathrooms conveniently located down the path) and waking up for a pancake breakfast! After that is the ceremony, followed by (not necessarily in this order) a reception (where I do the toast - woohoo!), a puppet show, a softball game, and a talent show. (I hope to recite poetry why throwing (and catching?) a boomerang.) Saturday night, another sleep at the campsite, then Sunday folks leave (*sniff*).

judiang agreed to come along, so she'll get to taste her first "real" camping experience. (Don't laugh, barbthebrazen - cabins are camping, too!) I think she's starting to get nervous, so any words of encouragement you can give her while I'm traveling will be most appreciated. :-)

Once we get to the campsite, Judi and I will be 'netless. *gasp!* I've no idea when/if I'll connect before then. So this journal may get quiet for a little while. But I'm not promising anything! ;-)

So, I'm off now to help pack up the car. Little Leo is in the hands of my cousin, Brandi. I'm sure she'll do a great job looking after him. Ta ta for now!
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