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E = mc - you know... - trinalin thinks things through — LiveJournal
E = mc - you know...
So, today dad did his E=mc2 sermon. It was very well received by the congregation (the UU church I talked about two weeks ago), though they did wonder about spirituality and how that figures in. So I see a sequel sermon... :-)

Afterwards, dad and I had Mexican at a place in Greeneville we'd never been to before. It was good, so it'll have to go on our list of places to eat on the way home from church. We headed on to the Lake to get things ready for mom's gathering of friends. She invited some folks from work to help her clean out the freezer. So we had grilled hot dogs, smokies, steaks, and burgers. And managed to get most of it eaten. I made vanilla ice creams and one of mom's coworkers' hubbies made brownies. Good combo! Someone also brought evil no-bake cookies. I hope I never find out how those are made. I'd be 400lbs in no time!

I had 3 amaretto sours and am feeling mellow. :-)

Current Mood: mellow mellow

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