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What goes around comes around

I need to be careful when I buy jeans from now on. I buy the cheap-o $14 jeans from Walmart and usually go with a light blue and a dark blue pair. This time I bought a light blue pair labeled "low rise." Didn't know what that meant - didn't think it mattered... Well, "low rise" means the waste is a little lower than one is used to. While wearing the jeans, I have this need to continually pull them up. The dark pair of jeans that I bought were "boot cut" jeans. Again, no clue what that meant, so I went ahead and bought them. Guess what? (Yeah, you folks all probably knew this already.) They're just bell-bottoms with a new name. Cool! I've got bell bottoms! I haven't had a pair of bell bottoms since I was 10 (or maybe younger). Mom liked them on me - says they're slimming. I think these might become my new favorite jeans. :-)

In other shopping news, mom and I joined Sam's Club today. This is one of those places where you pay $XX to join for a year and they have loads of bulk products and (supposedly) less expensive shit. I made out well - spent nearly $300!!! But I got some really cool shit. I bought a Rio S10 MP3 player (64MB internal RAM and a 32MB MMC card) and a 128MB SD card for less than $130. And it's sweet. Already filled it up with Xmas music for our Thanksgiving trip to see Amy Lou. I also got some long-sleeved t-shirts for me and the science department since I've promised to make them department t-shirts. Haven't made iron-on transfers for awhile, so I'll need to get back into the swing of things. Also bought a sweater, some flourescent bulbs, computer puzzle games, and some Slimfast bars (the granola kind - great for breakfast). Oh yeah, got some socks and some sucky candies (long story) as well.

'Twas a good time shopping. The folks didn't buy as much as me - except that mother bought herself a new pair of glasses, and that did surpass my total. Whether or not I've made up for the cost of the club, I don't really know. Nor do I care. The joy of shopping at Sams is just in seeing all the bulk items one could buy. I mean, I could have bought 3-lifetime supplies of ranch dressing, had I so desired! (I had no such desire.) Oh, and at the eye-place, they gave us each a small bottle of glasses cleaning fluid and a small cloth wipe. I love freebies. :-)
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