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Oh Happy Day!

I'm easily pleased. Despite the fact that my attempts to set up a wireless (sub)network at work felt like a waste of a day's work, I had a good day today. And what made it a good day? Cream of Broccoli Soup, CD Connection and Staples.

My favorite soup of all is cream of broccoli soup. My favorite cream of broccoli soup is made by Frische's Big Boy. They don't have this every day, alas, but from time to time I call to see what the soup of the week is. Today, I got lucky. When I arrived at Frische's, I ordered the soup, salad, and fruit bar. I had salad and 3 bowls of soup, but no fruit. (Most of it was melon - blech!)

Contented from supper, I moved onto CD Connection, a New/Used CD store. I only ever seem to get there when I go to Frische's since they're near each other and otherwise, it's inconvenient to get to. I bought a used Rasputina CD for $6. (Alas, they had no Pet Shop Boys! Well, I think I have all the Pet Shop Boys CDs, but still! And no Pulp or Oasis either.)

I returned to the car and drove across the street to Staples, an office store chain. Mmmmmm! Office Stores! Does anyone else get all tingly inside when they walk into an office store? It's so exciting! Everything you need to Get Organized! (Except for the Get Organized Gene, which I don't actually have.) I needed some printer ink, so I got that and some more t-shirt transfers. Seriously, I was excited to be shopping at Staples. (And they had all sorts of Back to School supplies. I may not be ready computer-wise for school, but I love Back to School supplies!)

I finished off my pleasant evening at Walmart where my sole purchase was 4 litter box filters. Wow, you say, a year's supply? Well, no, Leo's toilets require 2 filters each - and he has two toilets. Still, 4 bucks every 3 months isn't *that* terrible. It sure beats litter box smell! :-)

So, all in all, a good evening. It's the little things in life that make it all worth while, you know?
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