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Tie-Dying for Fun and Profit

Well, no, we're not doing this for profit. But we sure as heck had fun doing it. And today I have the results of yesterday's tie-dying experience. The shirts are currently air drying and I took photos of each. And here are the five shirts that judiang and I did yesterday.

Trina's rainbow colored shirt.
Here is my rainbow colored attempt. I need to remember in future to wrap a bit looser and then I'll get more color and less white in the shirt.

Judi's purple & green shirt.
This was Judi's tightly wrapped shirt. You will soon see why tightly wrapped isn't as nice as loosely wrapped...

Trina's red & yellow shirt.
This is my red & yellow shirt. I love the colors! And you can almost tell there's a spiral pattern there...

Judi's perfect blue & green shirt.
I *love* this shirt! It's my favorite! Alas, it's Judi's shirt! (She did the wrap - and it was a wonderful loose spiral wrap. I did the actual dyeing.) You know, she lives ALL the way in Chicago... And it's at MY house... And it fits me, too! Hmmmm...

Judi's other wonderful blue & green shirt.
Yet again, a spectacular shirt. This one was 100% Judi - the wonderful loose spiral wrap and her own dyeing method. She's got talent, has our Judi!

So, a wonderful set of shirts, if you ask me! Judi's a natural, in my opinion. I last did tie-dying nearly 10 years ago, but it was her first attempt at it. It was fun and messy - the best sort of activity. And we got to do it in my chemistry lab - another plus. Can't wait to make some more shirts with Judi!
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