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Night Without 'Net! - trinalin thinks things through — LiveJournal
Night Without 'Net!
If anyone who is mutual friends with judiang and myself were wondering where Judi's daily post was, well.... We had a connection to the 'net once we arrived at the cottage yesterday afternoon (which, of course, only Judi's warbussing computer could access), but, unfortunately, by evening, their cable was down. We checked a number of times, and no go until this morning.

Now the wonderful irony of all of this (we're still using the connection from one of the neighbors - who, btw, has since said it was fine for us to do so) is that had my parents actually gotten RoadRunner for the cottage, we'd've had NOTHING last night. The cable to our cottage is down. And by down, I mean the actual cable connecting the cottage to the main line is broken and now wrapped around one of the nearby powerlines. Thank goodness we brought several DVDs with us!

So, on to updating y'all about yesterday. After we finished up at my house (where Leo was SURE that he now had 2 people to pet him all weekend - poor disappointed kitty!) we headed to Walmart to buy some supplies and groceries (chicken boobies for Sunday's gathering - woohoo!) We were very good - we got lots of fresh fruit and veggies. And no snack foods at all. Ingredients for the vanilla ice cream, too. But for the steaks, we decided to try the frozen individually packed steaks that mom & dad like from Aldi's.

Dunno if you have any Aldi's groceries near you, but these are places where the cheap-ass food goes. And the one near us has really nice cheap veggies and fruit. I mean, $2 for a fresh pineapple! (We'd already gotten one from Walmart at twice the price, but when I went in, I couldn't pass up a $2 pineapple! So now we have 2.) Judi stayed in the car and I went in. I bought a 3-pack of peppers (1 green, 1 red, 1 yellow), the last pack o' frozen steaks, the pineapple, and a container of cream puffs. I swear, they leaped into my arms!

Onward and upward we then drove until we got to the cottage. And just as we finished getting everything out of the car, mom & dad showed up. So we sat around and watched the rain sitting high and dry in the 3-season room. Once it was closer to suppertime, I went out in the steady drizzle and started the fire. We opted to have hot dogs that night and steaks the following night. Mom cooked up the 10 ears of corn that we bought (for $2 - and they were the excellent Fulton Farms sweet corn) and I shucked (aw, shucks!). So with nicely charred hotdogs, loveingly grilled by Judi and I, and the corn, we had a lovely supper. (Since father only ate 1 ear, and mom and I only had 3 ears each, Judi had to take one for the team and eat 3 ears herself.)

Eventually the folks headed back home and Judi and I realized then the neighbor's cable was down. Alas! So we sat in the living room and watched Life of Brian, which Judi had never seen before. She agreed that it was a funny movie. Then I came up with the great idea that if I could find a way onto the network, Judi and I could play a networked game of Diablo II. Alas, even sitting in the kitchen with my wireless card touching the window and pointing to the neighbor's bedroom where the router is, I couldn't get a stable connection for more than a few seconds.

So after the fruitless attemtps, Judi played Diablo with my Assassin and tried to kill Duriel for me. No success, alas, but perhaps another time. Judi opted to sleep on the air bed in the 3-season room, so for the first time in ever, I actually got to sleep in the bedroom when I have guests here. :-)

Judi's snoring away right now as I type this up. Dunno what our plans are for the day other than to have steaks for supper. I'll probably bore inform you of the details later.

Current Mood: hungry hungry
Current Music: Judi snoring

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drox From: drox Date: July 31st, 2004 02:47 pm (UTC) (Link)
Watching rainstorms and eating fresh corn on the cob. That's my idea of heaven! Although being without a net connection would still be tough.
dark_pheonix From: dark_pheonix Date: July 31st, 2004 06:06 pm (UTC) (Link)
Having many pineapples is always a good thing.

I should make an icon about that at some point.
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