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Handy Suggestion...

Just in case any of you are ever called upon to set up a school full of computers, let me suggest something that might make your life easier...

When you're working on the music room, make sure the sound cards work on the computers before assigning them to the room...

(Thankfully, there are just 2 computers in the music room. But I didn't even think of checking the sound until I was nearly done setting them up. Gee, thanks JVS (Joint Vocational School) for giving us computers with sound cards that don't work! Swapped those two computers out with two of our usual computers (not from the JVS, in other words) and we now have sound.)

(Oh, in a similar pique of irony, the computer gods had one of the art room computers stuck at only 16 colors. Just what I needed to cap off the day - an art computer with broken video. Thankfully, that was a quicky fix, unlike the music room computers.)

In other news, 48 new computers arrived today! Woohoo! Dad got them all unpacked (which just amazes me) and I've started setting up the master computer for most of 'em. I also finished the art room, music room, and junior high math room. (I spent yesterday, however, working on the art room and music room, so it isn't as impressive as it sounds.) Tomorrow, I dunno if I'll work or not. I will pick up judiang from the airport. YAY!

Oh, and I have just been talking with elsaf on AIM. She's at the hotel (she's in Los Vegas for a writer's convention), but alas is relying on dial-up. Yay - she got to Nevada OK!
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