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8 Hour Days?!?

I dunno how people can work 8 hour days during the summer... Summer is a time for goofing off. Work if you have to, but, man, 8 hours? (Spoken like a true teacher.... Where during the school year, we would KILL for an 8 hour day.)

But, despite my lazy summertime ass, I did work 8 hours today. I had a goal and, unfortunately, to meet that goal, I had to keep on working. Alas, Clean Slate still isn't working, but I called and they said they'd sent my e-mail on to the developer. Gee, that's pretty, um, powerful. Hope they can get a fix for this - the teachers will not be happy if the computers give them a BSD every time they shut down.

So tomorrow I have a goal as well. (You'd think I'd've learned my lesson today, wouldn't you?) I'm going to finish 2 rooms tomorrow (gah!) and maybe I'll remember my headphones so that I can listen to the latest Big Finish audio. I have 11 more days available for working (though I have more than enough hours available - I'll run out of days before I run out of hours and if that's confusing, I can explain it if you'd like). Sheesh - 11 days to get the rest of the school ready. I think I'll just curl up in a ball until August 25th...
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