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Today Is Saturday - Watch And Smile!

TISWAS was a children's series in Britain from 1974-1982 and was rather madcap and zany. My interest in the show, as you might imagine, stems from the fact that Sylvester McCoy guested in it from time to time (as Sylveste, not Sylvester). If you go to my TISWAS page, you'll see some images of Sylv from the video release TISWAS: The Best of the Best Bits. The second video, More of the Best Bits, had very little Sylv in it at all. But there was a third video release out there which eluded me for the longest time: TISWAS Comedy Capers. Thanks to ebay, I finally procured it. Thanks to my kitchen renovation, however, my PAL VCR was no longer functioning. (All the power going on and off while we tested for the kitchen power lines caused the machine to die a silent death.)

Well, thanks to my burning desire to have enormous credit card bills this summer (dunno why I have this desire, but I sure have been buying a lot of shit!) I bought a replacement for my dead JVC multistandard VCR. And today, I hooked up the new Toshiba and it works like a charm. So my first task? Watch my new video!

Sylv is only in one sketch in the entire video (though the video, as all of them are, is very entertaining), but it's a good 'un. It's a Party Political Broadcast for the TISWAS Party. And I've got, for your amusement, a couple of clips and the audio track. The audio is an MP3 (which includes an image in the encoding, for those of you with MP3 players that can display album art). You can access the audio here.

Here are 3 screen captures from the sketch.

Sylveste promotes the TISWAS Party.
Sylveste promotes the TISWAS Party.

Sylveste is all wet!
Sylveste is all wet!

Sylveste is pie-ed!
Now, I know Sylv once played the Pied Piper, but this is ridiculous... :-)

What I should do next is do some new captures of the other Sylv sketches from the other TISWAS videos now that I know more about image fixing through products like the wonderful Paint Shop Pro.

(Yes, the LJ icon is not in season, but it's a picture from TISWAS, so I had to use it!)
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