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Playing Hooky

It's summer. I should be, as a teacher, relaxing and taking things easy before school starts in August (less than a month to go now - gah!) Instead, I'm working on computers at the school. But not today! No! Today, I played hooky.

Can't do this during the school year - I'd have to get stuff ready for the sub (or else the kids end up destroying the room) and that's more work than it's worth. But I can do it in the summer.

What did I do? Goofed off, mostly. Currently back to working on THROWING AWAY SHIT from my closets and stuff. My filing cabinet is done (even has the most recent bills filed away by type and date - ah, I love being anal retentive!) Working away in the den and reading room off and on right now, but decided to take a short break to brag about Playing Hooky.

Tomorrow, back to being responsible (probably). But for now, it's Goof Off Treen! :-)
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