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Odds & Ends

Firstly, on a more serious bent, I just wanted to say "Thank you" to elsaf for her post yesterday regarding the decision on same-sex marriage in Massachusetts. To read it, click here. I think it's great to see steps forward in gay rights issues, I only hope, as Elsa fears it might, that it doesn't give more fuel for George W in his re-election campain. My sister is getting married this summer to her girlfriend of several years and I'm pleased as punch about that. But it just irritates me that there are people out in the world who think that their getting married is going to be the end of civilization as we know it. (It won't be - I can assure you. It will be a joyous occassion, providing she doesn't make me wear an ugly green dress.)

Now onto last night's Angel. I was going to post our comments last night, but the show ends at 10pm and that's when I like to be in bed (currently rereading Warchild by Andrew Cartmel). I'm only surprised that Elsa's not had a chance to comment on it in her LJ. (Probably by the time I finish this post, she will.)

I saved our chat last night and will repeat much of it here:
trinalin: Angel!
JudiAnnG: I'm getting bad reception on WB
trinalin: That'll go with the bad acting ;-)
JudiAnnG: heh
trinalin: Angel's Irish accent always sucks
JudiAnnG: Is that what it's supposed to be?
[Spike the Ghost gets Post]
trinalin: He gets to be a real boy - but for how long?
[Spike tests his corporeal-ness on Harmony - blech]
JudiAnnG: He's acting like a typical human male
[Expendible Ensign, er Lawyer gets hit by guy at copier]
trinalin: There are days when I feel that way re: toner
trinalin: Corporate Seers - heh. I wonder if they order them from the Seers Catalog :-)
JudiAnnG: dialogue is getting a little too clever
trinalin: So far, the best line is "Is that otter?"
[Spike and Angel fight to the death (again)]
trinalin: So, Spike kills Angel and we get a decent TV show... ;-)
***JudiAnnG high-fives Trina
JudiAnnG: this might be a half way decent show
trinalin: I've been entertained. :-) Which is all I ever ask of a show.
JudiAnnG: Can't see shit..
trinalin: Neither can I. It's all dark. My biggest complaint about the old Angel was it was too dark
***JudiAnnG nods
trinalin: Angel's fighting against someone who's been dying for a piss-up for months...
[Gunn goes after Eve]
trinalin: Go - kill her! Kill her!
[He fails]
JudiAnnG: damn
trinalin: Bet the folks looking forward to Dru were disappointed
JudiAnnG: That's what I don't like about Angel, mega-shit is supposed to be going down and it turns out to be a lot of action that goes nowhere
[Go to final scene with Eve in bed...]
trinalin: Whodat?
JudiAnnG: Who is that?

In other news, my new reading chair arrived yesterday. Leo has already decided that he loves it. I've yet to get my reading room sorted the right way for the new addition (it's a rocker recliner - it's replacing a boring ol' stationary stuffed chair), but I know I'll get it sorted before too long. So last night I spent an hour and a half reading and listening to my reading music. And Leo sat on my lap for a bit, but then decided to play around the chair. I'm currently reading Bone Walker by the Gears. It's an Anasazi mystery that's being solved in the past as well as by archeologists in the present. It's the third in a series by the authors and I've enjoyed them all so far.
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